Healthcare Solutions Case Studies

Healthcare Solutions Case Studies

Analytics for Performance, Productivity and Population Health Management

The Joxel Group focuses exclusively in the Behavioral Health industry from a healthcare delivery standpoint. Having worked in behavioral health settings for many years, we are very familiar with crisis, inpatient, outpatient, and organizations that outsource services to contract providers. As a result, we understand the clinical and financial requirements on which organizations need to focus. In addition to our process, policy, and procedure experience, we are very proficient in the configuration and implementation of EHR systems.

The Joxel Group specializes in the following services:

Clinical and Fiscal Outcome Audits

We have conducted clinical and financial audits to understand gaps in our clients’ business models. Through these audits, we have reduced errors and increased un-billed revenue significantly.

EHR Selection and Implementation

We have documented business drivers, critical success factors, processes, and functional and technical requirements to generate RFPs, conduct vendor evaluations and selections, contract negotiations, and implement EHR solutions.

Revenue Cycle Management

The Joxel Group has worked with clients to optimize their fiscal operations, improving their revenue cycle. Organizations tend to manage and maintain relationships with vendors irrespective of managing the vendor cycle costs with the vendor performance.

Analytics For Performance, Productivity, or Population Health Management

Capturing insight within your business can help you proactively manage your business performance. The Joxel Group has helped clients manage hospital performance and productivity, improve clinical and fiscal performance, and effectively manage their population health.