EHR Implementations

Implementing an electronic health record (EHR) may be the most complex and impactful project your organization will ever take on. Success requires exceptional leadership. Joxel utilizes proven proprietary methodology that complements any existing implementation methodology. Our team brings shared knowledge and lessons learned from hundreds of previous implementations to guide you from implementation planning all the way through stabilization. We have a proven framework for establishing clear communication pathways, engaging stakeholders, conducting exhaustive testing, and creating a comprehensive training and support strategy. Joxel not only helps drive your implementation, but we build in continuous mentorship to ensure your organization is equipped to successfully maintain your EHR post implementation.

Key Steps in Joxel Implementation Strategy

Establish Governance

A mix of resources, including subject matter experts (SMEs) and key users, must be involved in the various implementation phases, in order to identify key planning issues. We will strive to help our clients establish governance not only in our projects, but from a long term perspective.

Detailed Implementation Charter

Transparency, tracking and communication are key to any successful project. Joxel provides documentation that contains a detailed list of implementation phases, the responsibilities of both your organization’s implementation team and Joxel’s team, communication plan, and much more! This document supports transparency, structure and aides in establishing benchmarks to measure project success.

Understanding your Current State

We understand the value of gathering knowledge and creating relationships with your organizations subject matter experts. Our team will meet your subject matter experts to gain a thorough understanding of your current state to successfully map our future state processes to ensure all business requirements are accounted for.