Outsourcing Support

Is your organization having trouble retaining skilled IT resources? Are you wanting to streamline or increase efficiencies for time-consuming functions?

Outsourcing may be the solution for your organization! Outsourcing can be defined as a “strategic use of external resources to perform activities traditionally handles by internal staff.”

At Joxel, we partner with any organization to determine a strategic vision and plan to meet your organization’s needs. We currently offer the following services:

Development Support

Do you have solutions that requires development support? Joxel can provide your organization one developer or a team of developers based on your organization’s need.

EHR Support

Are you having trouble supporting your EHR? Or is it hard to find one resource to help in all areas? Joxel can provide a team of experts to maintain day to day support of your EHR. Depending on your needs Joxel can provide clinical, revenue cycle or technical support.