Custom Solutions

At Joxel, we are continuously looking for solutions to meet our client’s needs and provide quality solutions. When we find a gap or opportunity, we use our skilled software development team to develop a solution that is easily implemented and adds value to your organization. Check out our two propriety solutions below!

Youth Services Case Management

Our solution is a Case Management system with a Youth Services centric module to help governmental organizations manage their youth services systems, through centralized and better access to youth information, role based process workflow, and rapid reporting and user notification.
Specifically, The Joxel Group’s Case Management system has three main areas of focus:

  • Intake: This role based module provides a searchable youth focused storage of demographics and risk analysis. With a built in detention risk assessment, tracking of youth in county detention facilities, a central location for storing all criminal justice referrals and petitions (from CPS to Delinquency) it provides transparency while tracking youth entering the Youth Services system.
  • Determination: Our consulting team works with the governmental agency to implement a risk based model to recommending appropriate services based on their current evidence based practices. This system reviews a youth’s current risk and associated petition based charges to recommend a set of programming available to the youth, yet is flexible enough to allow case workers, and their supervisors, to override the recommendations on an as needed basis.
  • Programming & Services: Our case management system tracks and monitors youth entry into third party programs and services, is able to integrate into some third party providers providing the ability to automatically pull in progress notes. For others we provide the ability for providers to directly enter and a manage their youth case notes directly into the system. Further, we provide the ability to perform quality measurements of third party providers based on the governmental agency’s own audit scoring as well as other metrics such as client demographics, severity of youth offenses, recidivism, etc. on a near real time basis.

Emergency Mutual Aid Solution (EMAS)

Our solution allows emergency dispatch personnel to quickly access box card data, view paging scripts, status of the box card, and resource tracking.

Specifically, EMAS provides efficiencies in the following:

  • Box Cards: Fire departments can quickly and easily update their box cards. Then based on the location of the alarm, our solution will generate the appropriate box card, instantly generate the paging script, and a dispatcher can assign the alarm.
  • Status of Fire: We have created an intuitive dashboard that provides the status of the box card and resources. In addition, all information can be quickly updated to ensure accurate reporting.
  • Reporting: Our firm has built in standard reports for: agency response times, individual unit response times, and documented communications between the dispatcher and on scene command. In addition, our firm will work with your agency to ensure you are supplied with the correct data to improve response times and processes, including creation of personalized reports.
  • Mobile App: Our firm is currently developing a mobile interface for iPhone and Android devices. This will provide fire, rescue, and emergency medical services personnel real-time status of the box card and direct, documented communication with the dispatchers.