EHR Selection

Many organizations are finding their current EHRs are cumbersome, distract from client care, or it just doesn’t meet their business needs. Joxel will assist you with the development of requirements, identify candidate systems, solicit and review proposals and demonstrations, negotiate contacts and assist with implementation.

Joxel will guide you through the selection process by:

  1. Defining requirements. Joxel will work with your clinical and financial staff to create a prioritized list of requirements and document high level process flows.
  2. Identification and demonstrations of candidate systems. Using your defined requirements, Joxel will provide a list of 3 to 5 systems for your review and work with EHR vendors to schedule demonstrations.
  3. Finding the best fit. Based on the requirements, Joxel will provide a scoring matrix for your staff to score each demonstration. Once all demonstrations are complete, Joxel will compile and present findings in an executive format.
  4. Contract Negotiation. Joxel will assist with contract negotiation to review the terms and conditions as well as pricing.
  5. System Implementation Support. Joxel can assist your organization during the implementation process. This includes leadership, project management, communication, etc.