The Benefits of Data Warehouses

The Benefits of Data Warehouses   Data is one of our client’s most important resources and thus, the maintenance of a secure, optimized, scalable, integrated and accessible system should be the highest priority.  Integrating data from various sources available to an organization will assist in performing analysis and reporting, as well as to accelerate business growth and help Leadership analyze past, present and future state. Let us discuss the journey of fictional healthcare organization HealthABC into a Data Warehouse standard. HealthABC offers a variety of Health Care, Behavioral Health, Substance Abuse, Case Management and Homeless Outreach programs to some of city’s most vulnerable patients. These programs use separate systems to track different types of data for disparate purposes; this makes reporting and...

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Joxel Spotlight – Jerry Vandre

Jerry Vandre

Jerome (Jerry) Vandre joined the Joxel Team over 5 years ago. He has an air of calm, humility, a concern for others and a resolve about him, that is truly genuine. Its these qualities along with his multiple technical skill sets and knowledge which allows him to continue to be a positive influence on our team and with our clients. Now join me in leaning a bit more about Jerry. What prompted you to go into the Technology/Software Development industry? The launch of the World Wide Web to the public and the opportunities it presented for communication and information accessed across the World. How has your previous IT experiences helped you in your role as a Senior Software Developer at...

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Joxel Spotlight – Corey Neuman

Corey Neuman

Corey has been a member of our Joxel team for a little over a month and is already having a significant positive impact on our company. Corey brings a contagious positivity that’s beneficial to all who are around him. Corey undoubtedly has a willingness to jump in and assist where he is needed, which is in addition to his project manager duties. Corey’s diverse knowledge and skill set give him this versatility. We are so happy to have him as part of our team. Let’s take a moment to learn a bit more about our newest Joxel family member, Corey Neuman. What prompted you to go into the Healthcare Industry, i.e. Project Management? Interest in analyzing vast swaths of data...

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Joxel Spotlight – Busby Sanders III

Busby Sanders

Busby Sanders III, is one of the newest members of our Joxel Family. Busby has been with The Joxel Group for less than six months and is already having a positive impact on our entire team and our clients. Busby’s personality and technical skills have melded very well with our technical team and is adding to our technical team’s consistent ability to meet and exceed our client’s expectations. Busby serves in the position of Data and Reporting Analyst for our company. Now let’s find out a bit more about Busby. What prompted you to go into the technology field? I would have to thank my father for this. He was such a great father figure and I wanted to be...

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