Joxel Spotlight – Neel Eswara

Neel Eswara

Eswara (Neel) Neelakantan is one of our senior team members. Neel has been with The Joxel Group for 12 years. Neel has a diplomatic approach that is infectious. We can always count on Neel to make sure all sides of a situation are carefully explored. This diplomatic approach enhances his ability to listen, understand, execute, and surpass a client’s expectation. Complementing this diplomatic approach is a wealth of people, technical, and analytical knowledge. Here are a few more tidbits about our team’s “honorary” diplomat:

What prompted you to go into the Technology industry?
Growing up, I loved math and creative thinking. When I was introduced to the computer, it helped me to further explore my areas of interest. I am grateful to work in the area of my passion.

How has your previous technology experiences helped you in your role as Director of Technology Services at The Joxel Group?
Past experiences in designing, developing, deploying, and maintaining applications in different technology stacks for a variety of functional domains, immensely helps me in my current role. During my initial years, my mentors have guided me in the right direction and instilled a solid foundation to have the right framework on your side to deliver the best.

If you could describe yourself in three words, which three words would you use?
Respectful, grateful, and creative.

How do you unplug?
Cooking, listening to podcasts, and spending time with my daughter.

What are three things people do not know about you?
1. Growing up, I loved being involved creatively, with things. I wrote to companies about marketing their products and was involved with a creative ad for Coca-Cola that I pitched to many people. Many lessons from that experience will always stay with me. After my daughter was born and I started playing with her, my creative side was reignited.

2. I did not know how to swim. Two years ago, I joined a swimming class with my daughter and started learning.

3. Occasionally, I involve myself in adventurous activities like Sky Diving, Paragliding and White-Water Rafting.

What does integrity mean to you?
Every action you do, keep yourself accountable to be trustful, responsible, and truthful.

What does customer service mean to you?
Understanding the need of the customer and providing a solution that is valuable, simple, and timely.

If there was one aspect of the Technology field you could change or fix, what would it be?
The Power of Data is underrated. In recent years, people have realized its potential, and have started processing/thinking about data as a way to bring value to their company. With every client I work with, I share my thoughts on Data and its value to their business.

Thank you, Neel, for participating in this edition of the Joxel Spotlight. We continue to be thankful for your leadership and commitment to our company values.