Joxel Spotlight – Cheryl Wunsch

  Cheryl Wunsch joined our team in September of 2019 and from the outset, she has had and continues to have a positive impact within our company and for our clients. Cheryl’s positive and compassionate attitude towards people, her multiple technical skill sets, and wealth of knowledge makes her a great addition to our team and a pleasure to work with. Now, let us find out a bit more about Cheryl. What prompted you to go into the Information Technology Industry? I have always loved math and solving problems.  When I took my first computer class in high school, I was hooked. How have your previous experiences helped you in your role as a Business Intelligence Analyst at The Joxel...

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Joxel Spotlight – Chris Rowoldt

Chris Rowoldt

As a company, we have been extremely fortunate, to have several individuals join our team that fit and embrace our company’s culture and mission. Chris Rowoldt is one of those individuals. Chris joined our company in January of 2020. He brings professionalism, knowledge, technical skillset, and most identifiable a calming confidence that fits quite comfortably with our IT team and clients. His impact on the team and our clients is already having a significant impact that has been embraced by our team and clients. Let us now get to know a little bit more about Chris. What prompted you to go into the technology field? I have loved technology since I was a kid, and always knew it was going...

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Making Working from Home Work for You

At the Joxel Group, our team is comprised of skilled consultants that collaborate with clients locally and nationwide. Our consultants assist our clients with Electronic Health Record implementations, EHR optimizations, process improvement, custom development and/or specialized IT support.  With the rapid increase of COVID-19 cases in the United States, our company quickly cancelled all travel, closed our office locations and transitioned all employees to telecommuting. Although we made these decisions quickly, they were easy decisions.  Plain and simple, the safety of our clients, employees and communities we serve comes first.   As consultants, we already had the infrastructure for telecommuting in place and since we often leverage technology to conduct meetings, provide training, etc. there has been little to no impact to our clients.  So, at this point you’re likely asking, “How has telecommuting really impacted...

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Joxel Spotlight – Corey Neuman

Corey Neuman

Corey has been a member of our Joxel team for a little over a month and is already having a significant positive impact on our company. Corey brings a contagious positivity that’s beneficial to all who are around him. Corey undoubtedly has a willingness to jump in and assist where he is needed, which is in addition to his project manager duties. Corey’s diverse knowledge and skill set give him this versatility. We are so happy to have him as part of our team. Let’s take a moment to learn a bit more about our newest Joxel family member, Corey Neuman. What prompted you to go into the Healthcare Industry, i.e. Project Management? Interest in analyzing vast swaths of data...

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Joxel Spotlight – Busby Sanders III

Busby Sanders

Busby Sanders III, is one of the newest members of our Joxel Family. Busby has been with The Joxel Group for less than six months and is already having a positive impact on our entire team and our clients. Busby’s personality and technical skills have melded very well with our technical team and is adding to our technical team’s consistent ability to meet and exceed our client’s expectations. Busby serves in the position of Data and Reporting Analyst for our company. Now let’s find out a bit more about Busby. What prompted you to go into the technology field? I would have to thank my father for this. He was such a great father figure and I wanted to be...

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